No, there is no extra charge booking through DeliveryD2D.

Booking with DeliveryD2D also protects you from breakdowns and also protects you from a sudden increase in price from a transporter.

You will start getting charged, once the driver has picked up your item and it will stop charging after the last item has been dropped off at the drop off point.

The prices will change based on the availability and the demand of the drivers as you move closer to the move date. The competitive transporters get booked fast.

We recommend booking the transporter as soon as possible for the lowest competitive price available.

Yes, our payment service is connected via PayPal who are trusted around the world

Transporters lower their prices on our platform as they don’t have to pay advertisement costs or any fee to use our services.

You can confirm the transporter directly from the transporter list page by clicking on the book now button

Yes, all our drivers are insured with basic insurance coverage.

Yes, for high-value insurance cover please contact DeliveryD2D or your home insurance provider

In the unfortunate event that an item is damaged please contact DeliveryD2D and one of the agents will help you.

When you made the post on our platform, it will show you congestion zone icon ©, Which means congestion zone price is included. If you already have made a booking, then your invoice will also mention about congestion zone.

No, our drivers will try to avoid toll charges when possible, but if the journey passes a toll road, the cost to cross the toll road will be added extra on top of your online price.

If the driver is showing on the price list, then it means the driver is available for the delivery

No, all our prices include a minimum of two hours charge, unless it is specifically specified on the invoice notes.

Yes, if transporter has to park and pay the fee will be added to your total price

You will receive confirmation immediately after place a booking online

Yes, the transporter will issue you with either a paper or electronic receipt on completion of your move.

The price break down shows all the details that have been calculated to create total price

Yes, you can add multiple stops between the pickup and drop off destination

Yes, all our transporters do their best to be on the time, but on the unfortunate event your driver is delayed you will be informed and kept up to date with an estimated arrival time or a replacement vehicle immediately

Yes, two people can travel with the driver or 1 person can travel with driver +1 man help loading.

Only if the time was extended more then the booked time, which than will be charged on half hour charges, which will be displayed on your invoice and price break down.

We recommend our customers to book and organize the move with enough time, this will help you get a best competitive price and help you plan ahead of the time.

Our office hours are from 8 am to 7 pm Monday through Friday. You can contact us at support@deliveryd2d.com which is responded 7 days a week.

Yes you can, we recommend having transporter book in advance time to receive best prices and availability of the transporter

It is customer responsibility to ensure enough men are booked, if you require more men power on the day of your move please speak to your transporter who may have contacts available to help you complete the move. We recommend booking extra men at the time of booking the move.

Yes, you can book return journey via our website or speak to one of our representatives at 0800 0 119 116

On our first form, select “no men help” needed and this will return the lowest prices.

Make sure everything is packed before transporter arrival time and ready to go. Once transporter arrives, then let the professionals do the rest. We can also arrange packing service for you, please contact our representative at 0800 0 119 116 to find out more.

Yes, All our transporters carry trollies, straps, and blankets to ensure that your items are protected and safe during the transportation.

No, you do not have to be present on the day of your move, but transporter needs clear instruction and full deposit prior to your move

The man and van services and removal companies will have all the necessary documents for you to sign if required, this will include insurance documents

When the man and van service provider arrives at the pickup, you will find them very helpful and polite and ready to do the move.

Yes, all of our vans come with drivers, If you require extra men or looking to just hire a van, then please check with our representative at 0800 0 119 116 and they will guide you.

Yes, you can make changes, please call the transporter directly or call our representatives.

Once you place a booking, you will receive direct contact information. If you need help deciding, you can always send them a message via their profile or call our representative and they will help you.

Yes, you can cancel at any time. If you cancel with more than 7 working days before your booking is due to start you will get a full and immediate refund. If you cancel within 7 working days please view our cancellation policy to see how your refund will be affected.

Yes, you can book a home survey. Just speak to our representative and they will be happy to send someone on their way.

This depends on the service provider in question and a few different factors such as how local the service provider is to your home address and availability. When there is a small charge for a survey it is normally very small just to cover the cost of the fuel used to get to and from your home address.

Yes, it depends on the location and request. You would have to contact our representative for more information.

Yes, you can book the boxes separately from our booking page or by calling our representative.

Yes, transporters can help you dismantle and re-assemble items. If you required such service, please add the name of the item to be dismantled in the delivery title box, which can be found on your delivery form.

No, unfortunately, we do not include ferry costs in your total price.

No, unfortunately not all transporters opt-in for offering customers the discount because their prices are already heavily reduced and discounted. Since transporter doesn’t pay on an advertisement or any administrative costs to win your booking and therefore they can offer you a reduced price for every item.

No VAT charges are added to your quotes, this is because all service providers are self-employed sub-contractors and incorporate any overheads into their pricing structure.

If you are traveling within the congestion charge zone on a weekday (Mon to Fri) between 07.00am and 18.00pm you will not be charged an additional £10.00 for the T- Charge if the driver vehicle is aged 2005 or older.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Q) Does it cost me more to book through DeliveryD2D?

No, there is no extra charge booking through DeliveryD2D.

Booking with DeliveryD2D also protects you from breakdowns and also protects you from a sudden increase in price from a transporter.

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