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3 miles in 11 mins
Transit Van
Pick up 16 Jan 02:00 am
1 hour loading / unloading
1 Men help required
No flight of stairs

Notes: Collection address flat is on the 2nd floor with a lift and has 2 entrances (Main in Acre Lane and a secondary side entrance in Porden Road). The main entrance is probably the best entrance for the move, although for parking Porden Road or Buckner Road are better.

Delivery address flat is on the 1st floor with lift and also has 2 entrances with some steps (front in craven hill gardens and a back door). The back door is best for parking but the back door is more narrow, so potentially the front door is easier. If you have some sort of ramp for the stairs, it is recommended.

The items to be moved are basically furnishing of a 2 bed flat into a 3 bed flat whose refurbishment is almost completed. The items are already packed (this flat was used as storage) and no assembly will be required, just need the movers to be careful to prevent damages as some items (e.g. TV) are fragile.

We will be 2 people assisting with the move and would like to ride with you to the delivery address: if this isn't an option, please let us know as it will impact our choice.

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